List of scientific papers based on data from the Forest Database of Southern Poland:

  1. Baran, J., Pielech, R., Bodziarczyk, J., 2018. No difference in plant species diversity between protected and managed ravine forests. Forest Ecology and Management 430, 587-593
  2. Pielech, R., Malicki, M., 2018. Changes in Species Composition in Alder Swamp Forest Following Forest Dieback. Forests 9, 316.
  3. Zięba A., Różański W., Szwagrzyk J., 2018. Syntaxonomy of relic Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra) forests in the Tatra Mountains. Tuexenia 38: 155-176.
  4. Pielech, R., Baran, J., Bodziarczyk, J., Kucharzyk, S., Malicki, M., Smoczyk, M., Wilczek, Z., Zarzycki, W., Zięba, A., 2018. Forest Database of Southern Poland. Phytocoenologia 48, 349-350.
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