sPlot is the world’s first global vegetation database. It contains more than 1 million plots with detailed lists of plant species. It was established by the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig in 2013. The main goals of sPlot are to integrate national and continental vegetation databases to facilitate studies on global patterns in plant diversity across facets, biomes and scales. The last release of sPlot (v. 2.1) contained 1,121,244 georeferenced plots from 110 databases, 130 countries and all seven continents. 

Starting from the new release (v. 3.0), data from the Forest Database of Southern Poland will also be integrated into sPlot. It improves the visibility and accessibility of our data at the global scale, as well as giving us unprecedent opportunities to participate in new exciting projects.

More information about sPlot:

sPlot webpage

Article in Journal of Vegetation Science (2019; 30: 161-186)


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