A new Android app for vegetation plot sampling has been recently released and is now freely available in the Google Playstore. The app was designed by Sebastian Schmidtlein from the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT). The app is user-friendly thanks to a simple and very intuitive interface with a smooth performance. It enables the recording of sampling plot location using the built-in GPS in your Android device. Not only are geographic coordinates recorded, but also a horizontal accuracy of the measurement based on the information from a GPS/GLONASS receiver. In addition, photographs documenting the plot can also be attached. But probably the most interesting, the VegApp will enable you to export your data directly to the Turboveg application.  

If you have ever sampled vegetation in the field using paper forms, you are aware of how much time it usually takes to digitize these data after the field work is done. In addition, this laborious process is extremely boring and usually involves many errors. With VegApp you do not have to waste your time transferring your data form paper forms into a computer. This export function can be also used for backup purposes during field sampling, provided that you have your device connected to the internet.

VegApp users can select among many cover/abundance scales, including presence/absence, ordinal, Braun-Blanquet, Domin, Londo and many others. These scales can be imported automatically from the server. When starting a new project in VegApp, the user has to select a species list either from a local source or from the app server. At the moment, seven lists are available for Burkina Faso, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, North America and Switzerland.

Here you will find a species list for Poland {link}. This is the list from Turboveg supplemented with some new taxons that we used in the Forest Database of Southern Poland. The list has some minor bugs at the moment, but it will be corrected during the following weeks. You can use it now and check how efficient the field vegetation sampling is when using the mobile app.

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