High spatial accuracy is the main principle of the data stored in the Forests Database of Southern Poland. This data can be presented in a modern and attractive fashion on the web. The geoportal was established to present the distribution of all documented vegetation plots on an interactive map. 

Some attributes of the plots can be accessed via the map, including source, year of sampling, spatial accuracy as well as syntaxonomical affinity by assignment to the phytosociological alliance and order according to Mucina et al. (2016). Moreover, the displayed plots can be filtered either by their attributes or by display extent. In addition, other layers can be also displayed on the map, including macro- and mezoregions, protected areas and hierarchical units of spatial division in Polish State Forests. The geoportal has a range of typical GIS functionalities; objects can be accessed either visually on the map or via an attribute table. Basic measurements can be done including distance, area and point coordinates. Finally, different geographical objects can be found by using a geocoder tool.



Mucina L et al. (2016) Vegetation of Europe: hierarchical floristic classification system of vascular plant, bryophyte, lichen, and algal communities Appl Veg Sci 19:3-264

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